When you are living with limited means or resources, there is an option available for you. Social Security Income (SSI) is designed for those who are disabled and require assistance for necessities like food, clothing, medical care, and shelter. Richard A. Sly, Attorney at Law, is here to help you complete your Social Security Income application in Portland, OR, and surrounding areas. With him on your side for your SSI Disability application, you can rest easy knowing that your case is in capable hands. Mr. Sly offers services for first-time Social Security applicants and those going through the appeals process. Schedule a consultation with him today to discuss your situation.

Your SSI Disability Application

Applying for Supplemental Security Income in Vancouver or Portland can be challenging and you do not have to do it alone. Mr. Sly will assist you through the complicated process because it is difficult to do correctly without experience. With government delays and complex application forms, receiving benefits can take a while, but when you turn to an SSI disability attorney in Vancouver, WA, the process will go smoother.

From the very beginning, Mr. Sly has been committed to providing his clients with top-notch service. When you need assistance with SSI in Portland, you can rely on our law firm to review it carefully before submitting it through the proper channels.

Let Mr. Sly be your advocate when you are applying for benefits. Give Richard Sly a call right now at (503) 482-2931 and schedule a time to speak with him about your SSI application and discover how he can assist you.