What if I Can’t Afford a Doctor?

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When determining the extent of your disability in order to file for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you must be examined by a doctor who can confirm your physical and mental limitations. However, many individuals cannot afford a doctor and therefore do not have the required documentation for the SSD process. They often approach our firm and ask, “What if I can’t afford a doctor?”

Some state programs provide assistance to people who can't afford a doctor. Portland SSD Attorney Richard A. Sly can determine if you qualify for such programs.

Some state programs provide assistance to people who can’t afford a doctor. Portland SSD Attorney Richard A. Sly can determine if you qualify for such programs.

At our firm, Portland Social Security Disability Attorney Richard A. Sly is committed to providing comprehensive advice and guidance to those seeking SSD benefits. Having a doctor’s diagnosis is crucial in obtaining the disability compensation you require. Without it, there is nothing to show that you require disability benefits.

There are some state programs that allow for financial assistance in situations where one cannot afford to be evaluated by a doctor. However, the type and extent of assistance is dependent on the state in which you live. We can review your situation and determine if it may be possible for you to benefit from these programs.

“What if I can’t afford a doctor?” Let us discuss it with you during an initial consultation at our office.

Vocational Rehabilitation

If you cannot afford a doctor but believe your disability may allow you to regain employment at some point, the state of Oregon offers vocational rehabilitation as an alternative to SSD benefits. This way, you are able to deal with your impairment, rehabilitate it as much as possible, develop new job skills and obtain accommodations that allow you to continue to work. If you have attempted this program but come to the realization that your disability is too overwhelming to work, the fact that you attempted to overcome it may have a positive impact on your SSD application from the perspective of the claims evaluators.

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