How Often Do Dui Cases Go To Trial?

Realistically, DUI cases sometimes don’t go to trial often enough. The unfortunate thing is that when it comes to a DUI case, there are many problems involved.

Sometimes an attorney will offer a flat fee and then include the judgment in that flat fee. If the trial outcome is going to be the same as the plea deal, then you will save time by not going to trial, which would essentially cost you more money as an attorney. We don’t do that; we have a test fee, which sometimes means the client would want to avoid that payment and would rather accept the statement.

Most of them are backed by scientific statistics, which makes them a bit difficult. Sometimes it is just a question of ego. Some Nashville criminal attorneys may not want to go to trial and say they lost a DUI trial, but that happens. You have to get through it, so you can be better and win these tests next time.

Do People Know What A DUI Trial Entails?

Most people don’t know what a DUI trial entails. You can call and ask your local court. Unless you’ve been there before, it’s nothing like the evidence you see on TV. There is more preparation than one might believe. There are many different things the officer can go wrong in the initial stop. Officers may be wrong when they collect scientific evidence to show that they were affected in the least or collecting blood evidence. Some experts come to testify and can cross-examine those experts or present their own experts to combat the state’s evidence. It is different than what people are used to, even if they have been in the court system before. In other cases, it is a much more abbreviated process. When you have a DUI trial,

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